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It is with great regret that Tooks Chambers has begun the process of dissolution and is no longer accepting new instructions.

As of Friday 11th October 2013 Tooks Chambers stopped accepting new instructions and is in the process of winding up its operations.  Individual barristers will continue to practise and to represent their clients in other chambers or as sole practitioners. They will be making arrangements for the continuation of their practices so that the interests of their clients will not be affected.

Tooks Chambers dissolved on Friday 27th December 2013 however our Fees Clerk remains available to deal with any enquiries relating to billing or fees. 

Tooks Chambers has a proud record of defending the rights of the under privileged and the oppressed. From its early days of defending miners and their communities during their year long strike, consistently tackling miscarriages of justice such as the Birmingham Six and representing the family of Stephen Lawrence, to its current involvement in landmark cases such as the Hillsborough Inquests and the AHK judicial review, members of chambers have sought to hold the state to account.

The dissolution of Chambers is the direct result of government policies on Legal Aid. The public service we provide is dependent on public funding. 90% of our work is publicly funded. The government policies led by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling are cumulatively devastating the provision of legal services and threatening the rule of law.

Chambers has established a consistently high standard of professional service for nigh on 30 years in the field of human and civil rights. Its caring and vibrant ethos is renowned. The vulnerable, the wrongly accused and the disadvantaged have been at the core of our defence of social justice. Our achievements both collectively and individually in casework, training, seminars and campaigning have been well documented and recognised. This is reflected in our record of results, awards and rankings throughout this year.

We would like to thank all those who, in one way or another, have been part of Tooks over the past 30 years.  In particular, we would like to thank them for their hard work and their unfailing generosity, for the sacrifices that were often made but rarely recognised and for continuing on with the struggle for social justice both inside and outside the courts. 

We wish everyone the very best for the future.

- The Barristers and Staff of Tooks Chambers.


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